The National Press Club approached Myanmar to quickly deliver an Associated Press writer who was captured a week ago while covering security powers charging against upset nonconformists.

Specialists have charged Thein Zaw and five different individuals from the media with abusing a public request law that could see them detained for as long as three years.

A video of the capture shows Zaw being immediately encircled and held in a stranglehold as binds are put on him.

The Associated Press has likewise required Zaw’s prompt delivery and censured his capture and “self-assertive confinement.”

In an explanation Thursday, National Press Club President Lisa Nicole Matthews, AP’s task director for U.S. video, and National Press Club Journalism Institute President Angela Greiling Kean communicated worry for Zaw’s wellbeing.

“We accept he was just tackling his work as a writer and anticipate his quick delivery,” the assertion said.