Gutter Replacement in Canberra

Gutter Replacement Canberra

Gutter replacement Canberra involves the repair and replacing of both the main and secondary gutters. The reason why these systems have to be replaced is that they are prone to breaking, leaking, splashing and ultimately overflowing with water if they are not maintained properly. These systems are made from timber, which rot due to wet conditions and need to be replaced. It is important to first ascertain if the structure is sound enough for the gutter system to be installed. If it is, the installation can proceed as it will just involve the cutting of the existing gutter system and replacement of the pieces with new ones.


There are different types of gutter available, the most common being the screen gutter and the metal guttering. The screen gutter is hinged at the edge of the roof, so as to allow it to be opened and closed while allowing the rainwater to flow off the sides. These gutters are made out of heavy duty galvanised steel wire, which does require frequent cleaning and maintenance. This type of gutter requires the support of the roof deck, which means that if there is a major leak, the whole roof structure may need to be checked. The metal gutters, on the other hand, are made of galvanised aluminium, which can easily be painted over or covered with a vinyl covering.


Gutter replacement is something that should be undertaken by homeowners as soon as possible. It helps to prevent unwanted and unhealthy water from collecting at the edge of the roof, which could potentially cause damage to the surrounding structure of the home. It also prevents the appearance of unsightly water spots, which could further detract from the look of a home. If the gutter replacement is carried out correctly, the process can be quick and easy, and can even save the homeowner some money. This can then be invested in a new home!

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