There has been much research done on the cyclazodone benefits to the addict, however little is known about the cyclazodone effects at a therapeutic level. N-methyl-cyclazodone (also known as Monohydrocodone) is a partial agonist at the opioid receptor level and has been proven to effectively reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms experienced by addicts. In theory, if you take n-methyl-cyclazodone it would act just like the heroin and morphine medications do. So why the need to complicate matters with another drug when you are taking a painkiller like oxycodone? The answer is simple.

Why is This Pain Relief medication So Important?

Withdrawal from a narcotic like hydrocodone or oxycodone is quite difficult because of its effects at the levels of the brain. It is not an addictive drug like heroin and oxycodone so the addict may be able to handle the physical side of quitting but what about the psychological addiction? If you are taking n-methyl-cyclazodone to control your pain, you are probably still addicted to this drug and may require professional help to overcome your addiction.

To be completely truthful, n-methyl-cyclazodone is an extremely effective medication and can be quite useful in managing severe and chronic pain. However, it should never be taken without first consulting your doctor and a pharmacist because n-methyl-cyclazodone may be illegal in your state and can be harmful if you are taking this illegally. If you are taking this medication for a long time then you are already addicted to the cyclazodone and will need professional help. The cyclazodone benefits are worth a bit of consideration but keep in mind that addiction is involved and is often a very complicated matter.