The full address of Catering Equipment Services New Zealand Limited can be found here. The company was incorporated on 01 May 2013 and was previously known as Catering Supplies Wellington Limited. It has 120 shares and is a registered business. Its registered status is “Registered”. It is owned by Mark Edwards. In addition to their registered address, they also have the following locations: 1194 Blue Mountains Road, Rd 1, Upper Hutt 5371.

Where Is The Best Catering Equipment Services New Zealand Limited?

Catering Equipment Services New Zealand

For further details, please visit the company’s visit our website or contact them directly. They have an office in Wellington, at 66 Eastern Hutt Road. They also have a tech stack and headquarters in the city. They have a phone number for emergency situations. The address is listed in the footer on the website. Alternatively, you can visit their headquarters at Eastern Hutt Road. In Wellington, they also have a physical address.