Recycled Timber Flooring – A Green Alternative

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Reclaimed wood has made a recent breakthrough in the floor industry. It has become an increasingly popular choice in floor applications. The natural beauty and long-lasting quality of reclaimed wood makes it an attractive option for floor applications. The beauty of the wood comes from the rich texture, colour and knotty grain that is inherent in all natural timber. By building on this rich history, this type of flooring has evolved into a variety of unique floor finishes and colours that have expanded its usability and appeal.

How to Find Recycled Timber Flooring

Reclaimed timber is harvested from old growth forests. The harvested sections of these forests are then recycled through an assortment of methods including floor finishing, surface cleaning and mulching with plant fiber fill. Due to the nature of reclaimed wood, there is a very high recycling rate with each unit of flooring being useful to another generation. This process helps to conserve our natural resources, thereby contributing to our long-term sustainability as a world leader in environmental stewardship. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, using reclaimed wood also helps the environment, since wood is considered carbon neutral.

Recycled timber flooring is excellent for those looking for a high quality, eco-friendly floor solution. By choosing to use this form of floor, you help to reduce your home’s carbon footprint while protecting the environment by reducing landfill waste. Also, using reclaimed hardwood floor can help to improve the look of your home by giving it a more sophisticated and refined look and feel. For all of these reasons and more, by using genuine reclaimed hardwood flooring you can be assured that you will not only receive exceptional performance and aesthetic value but you can also contribute to saving the planet.